Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mitchell

25 years ago today
I gave birth to our eldest son, Mitchell.
What a wonderful day it was...
Peculiarly cool and rainy for an August day.
He was such a precious baby and so aware of his surroundings.
It was amazing how Mitchell would cry and cry in the nursery
but was content immediately upon hearing our voices.
The nurses dubbed Mitch "Billy Idol" due to his mop of blond hair
that extended from his scalp like it was electrified.
Little did we know,
that was a glimpse of the energy emanating from his rapidly firing neurons...
which has yet to lag.
We took him home on August 5th - a searing hot day.
And, so , our rich experiences as parents began.
We look forward to so many more.

Happy Birthday to our beloved son, Mitchell John Anthony.
You are a blessing in our lives.
Love, Mom and Dad

Mitchell taking a bath
"getting excited"
10 months old with only 1 tooth
Menomonee Falls, WI 1985