Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stuart Alexander Paykel

They were little once.
And, now they’re all grown up – well, kind of.

Alex, our youngest son of three, graduates from high school today.
It sure is a bitter-sweet moment in my life.
I take solace knowing that he will continue to grow as a man
And hopefully use the wisdom he’s gained thus far.
I hope he understands that he can rely upon his family and best of friends
To help right his way when he strays
To celebrate his successes and passions
To support him through those difficult times when personal growth is inevitable
To love him for who he is and not who we wished he was.
Because, to me, with all the ups and downs,
The laughter, the tears, the terror, the hugs, the girls, the Alexisms
The wrecked cars, the name changes, the broken bones, the messy rooms and loud music

Stuart Alexander Paykel

has illuminated our lives.
I simply wouldn’t have him any other way.

Alex, please continue to live with passion.
Share your gifts. Do the unexpected.
And, most of all, know you are loved…Unconditionally.

Love, Mom

Photo:Michi, Alex, Alexio, Clay and Kelsey
2009 graduates of Western Branch High School